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Type it Easy 1.5

Type it Easy
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Type it easy is a free software that allows you to easily insert many unavailable on the keyboard typographical characters into any application.

For example, it can be em and en dashes, typographic quotation marks, copyright and trademark symbols, euro and other currency signs, miscellaneous math characters, diacritical marks and so on. it works very simply: just hold down the control key (the altgr button by default) and press the necessary alphanumeric key. For example, pressing altgr and the 'c' key simultaneously will type the copyright symbol: ©. While pressing altgr and 'e' will insert the euro sign: ? . features: - now it is possible to type text in an easy way in accordance with the typographical rules. - you can easily insert acute and grave accents, umlauts and most other diacritical marks without using a special keyboard layout. - selecting the control key out of five available options: altgr, left and right ctrl, left and right win. - the program is easily enabled and disabled with the help of the corresponding command from the context menu or the hotkey (win+z by default). - at any moment you can open the on-screen hint from the context menu of the program or with the corresponding hotkey (altgr+f1 by default). - you can use the mouse wheel to adjust the transparency of the hint window after you click it. - the program requires little space on the hard drive and ram. - type it easy is designed to run in the windows 2000/xp/vista environment. - it can be automatically launched at windows startup. - convenient and flexible installation and removal software.