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TimeCamp Data Collector 1.0.3

TimeCamp Data Collector
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Timecamp data collector lets you visualize and organize your computer activities like never before.

Keep track of things you ve lost and understand better how you use your computer. Empower your team with useful system to help them understand how they spend their time. Your time usage will be tracked automatically with lots of privacy controls. main features will help you get aware about the time you spend with your computer. Stop wondering 'where did my day go? '. Reviewing your log generated by timecamp can help you identify tasks you could delegate, defer or drop, tasks that you could spend less time on or 'time killers' such as being interrupted by incoming email. timecamp also allows to track your team members time- to see who is most productive, who spends most time in social networking systems. It works perfectly with teams distributed across the globe. Timecamp application collects application usage and web site visits (window title, process name, timeframe, os version and username). We do not (and never will) collect form input, keystrokes or anything nefarious. Timecamp automatically switches to standby mode when there is no user activity for over one minute. Timecamp data collector has a very simple and usable way of switching to a private mode, where nothing gets logged. You can also delete any data that you see. how does it work? By default it scans for new activity once every three seconds, and uploads the data to the server every thirty minutes. After this timecamp presents your information in a variety of ways. Users are able to access state of the art graphs displaying their time data. Analyzing these graphs will give you a clear view of the productivity of your company and your employees.