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TempoPerfect Metronome for Mac Free 4.05

TempoPerfect Metronome for Mac Free
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Tempoperfect free computer metronome runs on your mac and can be controlled using your mouse or hot keys.

Tempoperfect provides a clear and precise beat that can be accurately adjusted for the correct bpm, unlike mechanical metronomes that wind down. Tempoperfect for mac is an essential tool for any musician. Designed to help musicians play in time, tempoperfect creates beat patterns using a combination of accented beats and normal beats. For example, you can have 3+2 timing, or x-x-x-x-x visually. The bars first beat can also be emphasized by a unique sound. Tempoperfect features a visual beat indicator bar that bounces from left to right in time with the beat. This provides musicians with a very helpful visual cue. For those of us who cannot remember the correct bpm for a particular speed (eg. Allegro), tempoperfect also includes a tempo guide in the main window. tempoperfect computer metronome for mac features: * highly accurate beat simulation. * will not wind down like mechanical metronomes. * allows beats to be sub-divided into accented beats and normal beats. * beat indicator bar provides helpful visual cue. * bpm tempo guide chart for each speed of music (eg. Allegro = 120 - 168). * simple and intuitive interface. * download for free.