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TCP Spy .NET Professional Edition 4.1

TCP Spy .NET Professional Edition
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Tcp spy .

Net is a small application used to trace tcp packets between a client and a server. Optimized for . Net web services or web site tcp spy . Net will help you find any bottleneck and it will help you in analyzing your bandwidth usage. With tcp spy . Net, you can inspect data in different views, track server calls or just redirect the host. it s a 4 in 1 tool: - monitoring tool - web service / web site profiling tool - redirection server - network / web site / web services spy features: 1. General - light (one file only) - small (less than 1 meg) - rich and easy user interface - auto update - free 2. Monitoring - monitor connection ip address - monitor connection destination - monitor opened connection - log connections and requests to file - suspend monitoring with no service interruption - flag connection / request for an easier tracking - insert grid marker for an easier tracking - view and clear log file 3. Profiling - profile web service: calls, durations, bytes in, bytes out - profile url: content, size - get stats about web service (calls, duration, bytes in, bytes out) - get stats about url (calls, duration, bytes in, bytes out) - pause profiling without interrupting the communication - get the size and the duration of the each request - view request details for each connections 4. Redirection server - configure port redirection - configure ip redirection 5. Network spy - inspect bytes in data - inspect bytes out data - inspect header and raw data - view http header 6.