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PokerShowdown 1.0.17

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Have you ever wondered if you have been lucky or unlucky playing online poker?

Do you feel like you get more bad beats than suckouts? It is impossible to determine these answers by your perception alone. With pokershowdown, you can statistically quantify how luck or unlucky your results have been. It does this by processing hand history files (in particular showdowns) from supported poker rooms. Pokershowdown determines if you are on the lucky or unlucky side of bad beat events more often. With how a bad beat event is defined, you should be on the lucky side (i. E. A suckout) just as often as the unlucky side, over a large number of hands. It also generates other luck-related statistics such as severity-of-bad-beat (bad beat/suckout factor) and running into big hands (for example, it is considered unlucky if you are dealt kk and your opponent is dealt aa). Currently supported poker rooms/hand histories are: pokerstars, fulltiltpoker, america s card room, blackchippoker.