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Page Flip theme of Ink Wash Painting 1.0

Page Flip theme of Ink Wash Painting
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Do you know ink wash painting?

Or you want to find some ink wash paintings for your digital book? These chinese ink wash painting templates are prepared for your kinds of digital versions. ink wash painting is originally from china, and it s different from other paintings. There are a lot of styles for painting. Painting would be different for the culture, country, and even thought. But no matter what s the difference, painting is an important way for human to show their mood and enjoy their life. Ink wash painting is not simply to reproduce the appearance of the object, but to capture its soul. For example, when you paint flower, no matter how perfectly you match the petals and colors, you can t paint vivid flowers. It s very critical to convey flowers liveliness and fragrance. That s the essence of ink wash painting. These ink wash painting templates are free for you to apply and experience the unseen soul. Maybe just like your digital version, the text and the appearance are important, suitable appearance would make people see its soul. These templates are good choice for you.