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OkMap Desktop 14.6.2

OkMap Desktop
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Okmap is a gps and map software that: -works with vectorial maps and calibrates raster maps -organizes paths by creating waypoints, routes and tracks -uploads/downloads data to/from your gps -uses altitude dem data -supports gps real-time navigation -sends/receives vehicles position and display tracks on maps in real time -provides autorouting and geocoding functions -supports integration with google maps/earth (in 3d also) potential use: -search and rescue -trekking -off road -boating -flying -mountain bike -geocaching -hunting and fishing -finding mushrooms -soft air main features: -calibrate raster maps with different cartographic projections -create own digital maps importing / drawing shapes -create and manage waypoints, routes and tracks in gpx format -download, save and automatically georeference maps from google maps -support autorouting, geocoding and inverse geocoding functions -use digital terrain models to store and display elevation -upload / download data to / from gps devices -navigate in real time through nmea protocol -map tiling for handheld gps -display google earth and google maps in current map location -exchange data with google earth and view your map in 3d -find nearby cache in www.

Geocaching. Com -exchange data with gpsgate. Com server -receive navigation data from remote gps devices -send the current position to an okmap remote server -make conversions between coordinates, datums, formats, . . . supported formats: -images: ecw, bmp, gif, jpg, png, tif e molti altre -maps: file world; ecw, geotiff, kml/kmz, jnx, oziexplorer, compegps, gpstrackmaker, rmap, mbtiles, oruxmaps, gpstuner -map tiling: kml, kmz, jnx, oruxmaps, tomtom -vector data: shp, dcw -gps data: gpx, compegps, easygps, fugawi, garmin, geocaching, google earth, gps trackmaker, openstreetmap, oziexplorer , . . .