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NJStar Japanese WP for Mac 6.10

NJStar Japanese WP for Mac
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Njstar japanese wp version 6 is a major new release with all modules based on unicode.

this version supports windows xp sp3, vista, 7, 8 and 8. 1, windows server 2003, 2008 and 2012. main features: * animate and practice stroke order, insert/print stroke order sequences. * built-in 220,000-entry japanese multilingual (english/french/german etc. . . ) dictionary for easy lookup. * popup dictionary with annotations for main window text and inputbar input candidates. * use kanji of the day as flashcards to review vocabularies at different levels. * find out the readings and meanings of uncommonly used kanji characters using radical lookup. * sort japanese text based on kana, radical or number of strokes. * list and count the unique kanji used in the document and sort the list in order. * compare two documents to highlight the difference in colors, useful for marking student s work. * read from and save to microsoft rtf and docx office file formats. * open/save/copy/paste japanese text in all encodings such as utf8 and euc/shiftjis/newjis codes * insert pictures of all formats (jpg,gif,png,bmp,tif,emf,wmf) * ability to open a new document with different pre-defined styles and templates. * njstar comes with 10 built-in japanese input methods to suit all needs. * improved kanakanji/romaji input method - no need to capitalize first romaji for kanji * track, accept, reject or hide document changes. * new format painter, color marker, stylesheet, inline, in frame and background picture. * ability to adjust spacing between characters, lines and paragraphs. * spelling check with english, french, german, italian, etc. . * backward compatible with njstar wp version 4 and 5 file formats. * additional fonts for pro and ultimate editions, up to 20 njstar opentype japanese fonts. * tab based multi-theme, multi-document, customizable user interface. * multilingual user interface with english, french and japanese. * built-in automatic update checker.