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MB Blood Type Inheritance 1.10

MB Blood Type Inheritance
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Mb blood type inheritance is a blood type determination tool for your child.

This is based on the genetic inheritance of a blood type from a parent to a child. Blood type describes the composition of a person's red blood cells. It is determined by co-dominant alleles. This is one of the forms in which our genetic information is present in our dna. The three different alleles are a, b, o. Each of us has two different alleles as we inherit one from our mother and another from our father. This is known as a genotype. The rh factor or rhesus factor is also inherited from our biological parents but separate from the abo maker. A person can be 'rh positive' or 'rh negative'. Blood group usually refers to the abo marker while the blood type refers to both the abo and rhesus factor. The different blood groups are a, b, ab and o. The rh factors are: positive (+) and negative (-). There are different combinations in which the blood type is passed of from a parent to a child. Thus there is a specific pattern of inheritance of blood types. Mb blood type inheritance is an interesting software with a simple to use interface. This software is a freeware. The result thus generated by the software comes in an easy and understandable format. The software has been designed keeping in mind the average computer user and as such you do not have to be a techno savvy person to run the software.