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Mahjong In Poculis 5.80

Mahjong In Poculis
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Mahjong in poculis is a free windows mahjong solitaire game developed with simplicity in mind to let you peacefully challenge your memory.

This mahjong game is better with large screens. the game comes with 6 fun themes having for each one 50 layouts and 5 medals to win. Each theme (christmas, halloween, asian, easter, wonderland and future) has its own layouts, graphics, musics and sound effects. to play mahjong solitaire, you have to select pairs of tiles having identical symbols to make them disappear. The main difficulty comes from the classical mahjong solitaire rules: only layout s border tiles are candidates for selection. The game is won when there is no tile left on the board. The main key words are: discipline, strategy and of course a little bit of luck. There is a 5 step in-game tutorial that quickly reminds you the mahjong rules. whatever your playing mode, you can challenge your best time or your best score. For scores, you can make combos, i. E: a specific sequence of pairs giving you more points. Best scores come from this kind of sequence: a pair of 1 followed with a pair of 2, a pair of 3 and so on until a pair of 9. Such a sequence gives you more than 177 000 points if the tiles come from the same family . in poculis 2014 all copy rights reserved.