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LanInspector 11 Enterprise Free R2

LanInspector 11 Enterprise Free
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The lan-inspector is your ideal instrument to discover all inventory of software and hardware in your network.

No matter if you decide to set up a complete software asset management (sam), or if licensors like microsoft or adobe have requested a self-disclosure: everything will start with the inventory of all installed software. only if you know for sure what is really installed in your network, you can reach legal certainty. The process of inventory discovery begins with the search for computers. Only the lan-inspector combines all of the following mechanisms in order to reach for even the most distant computer of your company. this freeware version is unlimited in functionality, but it can only manage 5 pcs. mechanisms of computer discovery: - direct import of objects from the active directory - ip-range-polling (what answers will be scanned) - scan at logon of users (via logon script or group policy) - scan via usb stick or e-mail - scan via internet agent (f. E. Field agents notebooks) - optionally via computer browser services you can simply use drag n drop to sort found pcs into the location tree. This location tree visualizes the structure of your company and displays locations, departments, and groups. The lan-inspector offers as many sub containers as you need for building up a structural map of your company. if you only need content and quick installation lists, you can directly drag all computer objects into the default location. Of course you can still rearrange the groups and resort pcs later, also using drag n drop. additionally it inventories the hardware. Everything is presented in intuitive graphical user interfaces. You can perform and visualize important queries with only a few clicks. after you have detected the as-is state of your network via inventory discovery, you can focus on the factually purchases licenses. You enter them in the license pool and if necessary, you can also associate them to locations or departments.