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Kaleider Screensaver 5.3.3

Kaleider Screensaver
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Kaleider manipulates images to emulate kaleidoscope, mirroring, 3d mirroring and funneling effects automatically in random sequences.

A configuration screen allows specification of which effects are included and how often they are rendered. The source of the images that effects are based upon can be set to an image directory or the image gallery, which is a collection of image files that can be displayed with a specified sequence and frequency. the wandering effects option adds a dynamic element of motion to the graphics. The rooms feature displays kaleider patterns in a 3d environment, optionally with automated roaming movements. In mask/mandala mode patterns are shown within a circle or other shapes. Effects can be accompanied by music with the included audio player, which plays most common audio formats as well as audio cds. In addition to random effects, scripted sequences can also be included. several sample photos are included with the download to serve as an image gallery.