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Generates Java code to do 617 types of I/O.

FileIO screenshot medium

I/o teaching tool that generates sample java source code to read or write the console, a sequential file, a random access file, a string, an array of characters, an array of bytes, url, http cgi get/post, socket, resource or pipe. It shows you how to read or write ascii-8 bit characters (plain or locale-encoded), unicode 16-bit characters, raw bytes, big endian binary, little endian binary, or serialised objects, buffered, unbuffered or gzip compressed.

Fileio runs either as an application or as an applet that needs to run in jdk 1.7+ capable browser. Source code and sample html included. May be freely distributed and used for any purpose except military. It works by asking you 4 multiple choice questions about what you want to do.

You fill in your choices in a dialog box at it instantly generates the corresponding code that you can copy/paste and modify. 1) what is the type of the source/target? Sequential file Resource Random access file String (in ram i/o) Char[] (in ram i/o) Byte[] (in ram i/o)

Url (remote i/o) Http cgi Socket Pipe 2) do you want to read or write? 3) which do you want: unbuffered, buffered or compressed? 4) what is the format of the data being read or written? Raw, untranslated, bulk, 8-bit bytes Default-encoded chars (usually 8-bit)

Locale-encoded chars (usually 8-bit), eg. Ibm-oem cp437 Unicode 16-bit chars Big-endian binary (java standard) Little-endian binary (intel standard) Serialised objects it generates 617 possible different example programs. You can run it online at mindprod. Com/applet/fileio.

Html without installing it.

FileIO is an utility that works under windows xp, windows vista and windows 7. It supports both 32-bit & 64-bit windows editions, therefore it could run faster on 64-bit computers. It is Free so you can download it and share it with your friends. Estimated download time for FileIO on a common adsl connection is less than a minute. Version 6.2 was released one thousand five hundred three days ago by . Click the green download button to download it now.

Windows XP Supports vista runs on win seven x64 bit program
Freeware   Release date:    Version: 6.2   Size: 0.57 Mb

This program was released one thousand five hundred three days ago and it has been downloaded by 52 users, zero times last week and zero times this week. There are no facebook messages. You can write your own now. This program or game is searched also as fileio, fileio 6.2