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Excel Extract Images and Extract Pictures from Multiple Spreadsheets 9.0

Excel Extract Images and Extract Pictures from Multiple Spreadsheets
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Support for Excel Extract Images and Extract Pictures from Multiple Spreadsheets is available

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Do you have a number of different microsoft excel spreadsheets with a bunch of different images, perhaps barcharts and graphs, or just regular images, that you would like to easily and effortlessly extract to a directory so you can use them for other things?

Wouldn t it be much faster and easier than manually having to open up each microsoft excel document individually, manually find each and every image (and make sure you don t forget one), and then manually paste them into another application? If you are thinking yes, or realize that this could be you, then this software is perfect for you. With this software, you can easily: you. Save time by easily add any number of microsoft excel spreadsheets to work on and extract images from. With a couple clicks of the mouse button, you can easily add ms excel files to search through. Easily extract multiple images, and the software automatically renames them. The software will automatically number the images by each excel document, so you know which excel image corresponds to which excel file. Easy to import into other graphics applications. Since the software saves the images as bitmaps, this means that you can pretty much use them in any type of other application, such as microsoft word, ms frontpage, and so forth. You can even upload them to the web, or use a graphics program to convert it to pretty much any image type of your chosing. The software is quick, fast and easy, and saves you time. Sure, you could cut and paste images yourself, and maybe even rename the files to save them as, but why? It would take a long time. Isn t your time valuable? With this software you can do this easily, and focus on the things that are more important to you, and get the things that you want to get done, done.