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Diskeeper Home 12

Diskeeper Home
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Get faster pc speed and performance with diskeeper home edition.

Diskeeper home is like spring cleaning for your pc. It neatly lines up your files side-by-side, so they are not scattered across your hard drive in hundreds of small fragmented pieces. when your files are fragmented, it takes longer to read them. . . Thus slowing down almost every aspect of your computer use. with diskeeper installed, your files are neatly stored end-to-end without fragmentation (the scattering of file fragments randomly across the hard drive), so your pc simply runs faster - without any effort on your part. It couldn t be easier to keep your pc running like new. diskeeper automatically boosts your pc s speed, extends the battery life of your laptop, speeds up the loading times for your computer, extends the longevity of your hard drive, reduces your energy consumption and much, much more. This is a simple, automatic fix to a slow pc. with diskeeper home, you get: -more pc speed - by speeding up boot-up, application launches, email and internet browsing. -less pc slows - by eliminating fragmentation-related performance issues that cause pc slows. -extended hard drive life - by reducing unnecessary i/o activity that can cause hard drive failures. -hassle-free pc - by using a 'set it and forget it' approach to maintain pc performance. you will quickly see how little effort it takes to speed up your pc and increase your application performance. This is one software solution, you can t do without.