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Car Photo Frame 1.00

Car Photo Frame
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Car photo frame - 100 of the most expensive cars.

want to see the most expensive cars in the history of mankind? cars that are bought for millions of dollars? cars that collectors bought for a price greater than what you can earn for your entire life. now you can do it - the 100 most expensive cars in the world. car photo frame - as a widget on the desktop, which you can download for free. download and install the widget on your desktop absolutely free. once installed, you will see on the desktop - mercedes-benz slr mclaren. the collector bought the car for $ 1000000. do you want to see the car is much more expensive? press the right button. Choose your favorite car. you can also choose a beautiful photo frame for it. the picture does not take up much space on your desktop. changing the size of the widget and drag it wherever you want. you will be able to remove the name of the car, and remove the cost of the car. adjust the settings so that every day you can see the new supercar. on this site - http://photofunmaker. Com you can download widgets for free.