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Blue Cat s Remote Control 2.32

Blue Cat s Remote Control
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'the virtual control surface for your virtual studio' - blue cat s remote control is a set of plug-ins which let you control and monitor in real time several midi controllable plug-ins or devices from a single customizable user interface: the user interface of your favorite directx or vst plugin does not satisfy you?

Your favorite hardware device is too complicated to control? Your project contains hundreds of plug-ins and you would like to control them all from a single user interface? You want undo/redo for all your modifications? This product was designed for you. The package includes 3 plug-ins: remote control 16, 32 and 64, which have the ability to manage up to 16, 32 or 64 parameters. You can assign a midi channel and cc number to each controller, customize its response curve. You can as well choose a skin that suits your needs for every instance of the remote control (several skins are included in the package, see the screenshots), or create your own (see the skins section): this is the best way to create your own user interface to control your entire digital audio workstation (daw) the way you have chosen. If you have a very specific project and you do not have time to spend on our skinning language, blue cat audio can also create custom skins for you: see our services page for more information. Another way to use the product is for midi control remapping and transform: assign an input parameter a given midi cc, and assign the associated output parameter to another midi cc with different response curve parameters: the plug-in will remap the controller to the new cc and channel with a new response curve. Read our remote control tutorials and see this product in action.