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Barcode for Books Audio Video CD DVD

Barcode for Books Audio Video CD DVD
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Barcode software designs eye-catching books and cd labels in circle, rectangle, rounded rectangle, ellipse, arc, star and many other graphical shapes.

Amazing barcode labeling application creates library barcode images with effective image designing options like text, picture, line, pencil etc. Barcode software absolutely designs and developed for generating highlighted, remarkable barcode stickers for categorize books, audio/ video cds, dvds etc. Professional barcode designer program easily reduces overhead of managing manual records of books, cds, dvds by automated barcode data entry process. Barcode software for books, audio video cd, dvd is able to save all generated barcode labels in major file formats including jpeg, png, gif, wmf, tiff, exif, bmp etc. Powerful barcode image designer utility generates significant library barcode stickers in affordable and reliable manner. Publishers and library barcode software facilitates users to modify/update barcode position, spaces, margin, height, width, caption, color, font etc as per their needs. Amazing barcode labeling application is complete software package for libraries and publishing houses to create impressive barcode labels free from any error. Barcode software supports all advanced edition of windows os including windows xp, 7, vista for labeling books, audio/video cds, dvds etc. Inexpensive barcode generator tool enhanced with interactive graphical user interface that is easily operable by all technical as well as non-technical users. software features: * barcode software designs amazing barcode images for books, audio-video cds, dvds and many more. * economical barcode labeling program prints wonderful barcode images using all major linear and 2d font standards. * barcode software for books, audio video cd, dvd produces large amount of barcode images in just few seconds. * download barcode creator utility creates library barcode tags, ribbons in simplest mode.