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Audiosoft EJukebox 5.82

Audiosoft EJukebox
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Ejukebox merges your audio and video files with optional youtube results in a fast database with a customizable interface.

You can search, list, queue and play your music and videos. It automatically finds album art for your songs and can import your cd collection. It lets you set criteria for what to play when the playlist is empty. It gives you a full album listing with automatic album cover art. Features an open file skin system that lets you customize everything from the button colors, css, png elemtents and the other graphical files that make up the interface. Browse the web for related info in popup free web browser. Control ejukebox playback and search the database from any web browser. Lock the jukebox interface full screen and set options for public usage. Ejukebox remembers how often each song is played so you can switch to popularity mode to have it automatically play your favorite songs when there are no songs in the playlist. You can also filter this playback more using the optional 5 star rating system. In addition you can have e-jukebox autoplay songs from playlists files or bookmarks that you have created. Plus, e-jukebox s welcome screen gives you a billboard style listing of your top 10 most popular / picked artists, songs, and albums. While browsing your music collection, ejukebox allows you to quickly view all songs by an artist / album grouped by their respective album cover image - by simply clicking any artist or album name that appears on screen. Plus the ability to view all of your albums from one interactive scrollable list. It also includes; fast searching, a powerfull id3 tag editor, custom bookmarking, drag and drop albums to the playlist, touch screen mode, kiosk mode (great for partys and other public events) and the optional 2web feature for controlling ejukebox remotely. In addition, you can surf the internet inside e-jukebox and get all the info you need about an artist, album or song, including lyrics, with a click.