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Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Ep. 1 1.05

Arvale: Treasure of Memories, Ep. 1
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Arvale: treasure of memories, episode i begins the story of an unlikely hero, duncan forsythe.

Duncan was an adventurer at one time, and it has been rumored that he s already saved the world once. Maybe. You see, he has this memory problem. . . arvale: treasure of memories is a great game. It is enjoyable. It s really funny. It will cause you to laugh out loud several times throughout the course of playing it. It has beautiful music and lovely graphics and art. Overall, it is a pleasure to play. features: * easy to play. Games should be playable with minimum fuss. Treasure of memories uses very simple controls. No complex keyboard combinations or special moves. * over 25 minutes of original music. Really good music. Specifically written for this game. * easy to enjoy. Take your time speaking with characters or jump right into battling monsters. * it s arvale. That may sound silly to some of you, but it is an important factor when looking for quality and trust in software. Arvale is an established brand with over 5 years of success. This would be the 4th major title in the series, and it will continue. * 4-8 full hours of story-telling gameplay. Blaze through the game at a quick pace, or you can take your time and immerse yourself in the fantasy world of arvale. * it s funny. Humorous storytelling and witty dialogue are a signature of the arvale series. Well, that. . . And talking to wheelbarrows. :) * atmosphere and variety. Locations ranging from deserts, forests, caves, aqueducts, and castles, to ruins, fields, docks, waterfalls, and villages. * it s cheap. The game sells for $5. You ll be hard-pressed to find other games of this quality at the same price. * multiple characters in your party. Other characters will join your quest, giving richer story-telling and more strategic battles. *it s risk free.