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AFP Conversion Suite 3.02

AFP Conversion Suite
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Afp conversion suite enable users to batch convert afp to pdf, ps, eps, xml, html, rtf, txt, bmp, png, jpg, tif, gif, pcx, psd, fax at unlimited speed on microsoft windows.

features convert afp to pdf, ps, eps, pcl, fax, tiff, jpeg, gif, png, bmp, rtf, txt, html, xml create pdf, postscript and encapsulated postscript with searchable text transform afp to other format directly without conversion to ipds by the psf (print services facility) speedy conversion to efficiently handle production sized jobs maintain directory tree structure for afp conversion delete or keep input files after conversion customize output file name with date and time information as prefix or suffix support rgb, cmyk, device gray color model anti-aliasing for text and graphics adjustable image resolution for afp to image conversion support for afp to pcx, afp to psd, afp to pbm, afp to pgm, afp to pnm, afp to ppm conversion color separation of afp page into four process colors, cyan, magenta, yellow, black, in four tiff images extract text from afp files support western european, central european, arabic, cyrillic, greek, hebrew, thai, turkish, utf-8 encoding extended support for cjk fonts including simplified chinese, traditional chinese, japanese, korean preserve hyperlink generate rtf files fully compatible with microsoft word (. Doc) format for editing support postscript language level 1, level 1. 5, level 2 and level 3 translate inline form in afp document to fill-able form in pdf file produce high fidelity pdf to the original print in afp format generate live hyperlink, vector-based graphics, and searchable text in pdf file embed host fonts from ipds/afp document into pdf file process page segments, medium overlays, graphical overlays and inline forms encrypt pdf output for security and limited access password protection with rc4 128-bit support pdf compatibility options from pdf version 1. 1 to 1.