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1st Email Address Spider 9.30

1st Email Address Spider
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1st email address spider is a professional targeted email extractor tool.

With 1st email address spider, you can easily and quickly set up your own business mailing lists. That is you have owned the powerful customers group and powerful competition over your business opponents. The 1st email address spider is designed to collect email addresses matching your query. Just type your keywords, 1st email address spider will spider the internet and extract fresh email addresses that you actually need. The url address that it can spider including any html, cgi, php, asp page etc. The supported search engines include most of the major search engines such as google, bing etc. The spider speed is up to 300 emails per minute now. Features and benefits: 1) multi threaded application, which can use furthest of your computer abilities. Allows up to 500 email extractions thread simultaneously. The normal spider speed can up to be 300 emails per minute. 2) support most of the major search engine such as google, bing etc. And in order to increase spider speed and targeted accurate rate, we have tried our best to optimize the page parsing process of all search engines that our system supports. 3) automatically check if an url is active or not. And automatically ignore all the bad urls. Automatically remove duplicate url addresses and don t spider again. Automatically remove duplicate email addresses. 4) real-time display the url found, url processing, emails addresses extracted, search duration time etc. 5) professional user interface. Very easy to use. 6) export search result to text, csv, tsv and microsoft excel format.