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icons is


Sib Icon Replacer
Sib Icon Replacer 2.32 Rating: Avarage rating: 4 stars
Have you ever been upset with the way you program icons look? Are you a developer finishing a new application and looking for a quick way to add a finishing touch to your work and meet the deadline? Are you and your programs ready for the upcoming Windows 8? Or do you just want you installation files appearance be eye-appealing and individual instead of having a sapless standard appearan...
Windows XP compatible
Free to try (19.95 $ to buy)
IconChanger 3.8 Rating: Avarage rating: 4.5 stars
Does your desktop look plain and boring? Get Icon Changer! Icon Changer is a software application that makes changing icons fun and easy. It s a hassle-free way to personalize your desktop without having to open up any computer manuals. Simply click the icon you want to change, point at the one you like and that s all. Change icons to make navigation easier, to group similar applications...
Windows XP compatible Windows Vista compatibleWindows Vista compatible
Free to try (24.95 $ to buy)
Web Icons Collection
Web Icons Collection 1.0 Rating: Avarage rating: 5 stars
The Web Icons Collection is a specialty set from VirtualLNK, LLC., created for webmasters and interface designers. Although themes are based primarily around website development, these web icons will work equally well in a standard desktop application. Each icon was inspired by the look and feel of the upcoming Windows Vista operating system. Find commonly used images to handle things s...
Windows XP compatible
Free to try (349.00 $ to buy)
All We Need Is Brain 2
All We Need Is Brain 2 1.0
If you enjoyed luring zombies to their deaths in the original All we need is Brain puzzle game then you would probably want to play the sequel. All we need is Brain 2 featuring all new levels and a new theme. It seems like the zombies have found themselves into the city! Ready to kill zombies?...
Windows XP compatible
All We Need Is Brain
All We Need Is Brain 1.0
A unique puzzle game where you must strategically place brains to lure the zombies to their death. Place your limited supply of brains near graves to lure zombies into traps. Kill zombies by shooting them, blowing them up with mines, crushing them with boulders, or causing them to fall into toxic waste....
Windows XP compatible
Record Microphone Only When There Is Sound Software
Record Microphone Only When There Is Sound Software 7.0
This software offers a solution to users who want to record the mic when there is noise in the room at a certain sound level. The recorded audio is saved to WAV file format automatically. This software allows for surveillance of an area and allows your computer to be constantly listening and capturing sounds as they occur....
Windows XP compatible Windows Vista compatibleWindows Vista compatible Windows 7 compatibleWindows 7 compatible x64 compatiblex64 compatible
Free to try (19.99 $ to buy)
When Icons Attack
When Icons Attack 1.3 Rating: Avarage rating: 4 stars
Your desktop icons are on a rampage. They have gone wild and are attempting to seize control of the desktop. Only one obstacle stands in there way -- you! This exciting space shooter features over 100 unique levels and rendered graphics. The game plays a bit like space invaders, with some galaga or galaxian mixed in. Many cool powerups augment your ship s icon-blasting abilities -- extra...
Windows XP compatible
Free to try (12.00 $ to buy)
Business Icons Collection (XP)
Business Icons Collection (XP) 3.0
The Business Icons Collection (XP) is a set of general-themed XP Style Icons for use in software development and user-interface-design. It is one of many xp icon sets offered by VirtualLNK, LLC. Each icon is inspired by the vibrant look and feel of the Windows XP operating system. Those looking for a wide-variety of business application icons will be well served by this elaborate and ca...
Windows XP compatible
Free to try (179.00 $ to buy)
Software Icons Collection
Software Icons Collection 1.0
The Software Icons Collection is a suite of beautiful vista style icons for web and software developers. Here you will essential icons such as devices, people, documents, and much more. Each icon is provided in jpeg, gif, bmp, ico, and png format. Vista Icons are known for the realistic appearance and larger color palette. Being a leader in professional icon design, VirtualLNK is happy t...
Windows XP compatible
Free to try (349.00 $ to buy)
Finance Icons Vista
10  Finance Icons Vista 1.0
With beautiful 3D-perspective designs and toolbar-optimized resolutions, this set of professional vista icons is targeted at those looking to enhance their financial products and services. Unlike competing products, each size is manually optimized for clarity and usability. This ensures that the icons are not only beautiful at high-resolutions, but crisp and clear at smaller sizes such a...
Windows XP compatible
Free to try (199.00 $ to buy)
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