Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Our intelligent alarm wakes you up naturally during your lightest sleep phase

Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

● Guaranteed to improve your sleep and health.
● Helping millions improve their health wellness and now sleep.
● Sleep more efficiently tonight and wake up refreshed! You deserve better sleep.

β€œThe alarm wakes you up naturally during your lightest sleep phase. Simple and brilliant.”

β€œI’m a super heavy sleeper and have a history of sleeping through alarms. I usually set two alarms to ensure I wake up on time and I always wake up groggy. You know those rare days when you wake up at that perfect time where you aren’t sleepy? Well everyday is that day now! Simply put it’s amazing and it works.”

Do you have a hard time waking up? Do you wake up groggy?

Start your day right and wake up feeling refreshed. Studies have shown that interrupted sleep may be as harmful as no sleep at all.


There are a number of sleep stages your body goes through when you are sleeping at night. It’s far more difficult to wake up during deep sleep because the rest of your body is still sleeping. Waking up during light sleep is the most optimal way to wake up feeling energized and refreshed.


Set your alarm and place your phone next to you before you sleep. Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock analyzes your sleep cycles and wakes you up at your lightest stage of sleep within a 30 minute window of your alarm. You’ll wake up naturally feeling refreshed and energized.


The app has many features to actually help you get better at sleeping. It measures your sleep efficiency every night and shows each stage of sleep. Track and analyze your sleep patterns and log events that affect your sleep efficiency. Start keeping a record of your dream logs! You’ll discover new and interesting things that can help you along your journey. Eating late might cause vivid dreams. Maybe using electronics before bed causes you to take longer to enter the deep stages of sleep. Use these tools to improve your sleep efficiency and improve your health.


1. Select your status before going to sleep. (e.g. Did you workout today? Are you stressed? Did you drink caffeine?) This will be used to help categorize your sleep stats for the current night so you can track how these activities affect your sleep.
2. Set your alarm place your phone next to you and get some sleep. Our app uses the accelerometer to analyze and record your sleep cycles and will wake you up in a 30 minute window of your alarm when you are in your lightest sleep phase.
3. View your Stats and Insights to see all of your sleep data! Were you in deep sleep longer when you worked out? When you avoided caffeine? Use these useful sleep analytics to improve your sleep efficiency.

β‰ˆ FEATURES β‰ˆ

β—‰ Track your sleep stages
β—‰ Wake up naturally during the lightest sleep stage
β—‰ Dream log to keep track of your dreams
β—‰ Multiple alarms to wake up feeling refreshed to your favorite sounds
β—‰ Custom alarm window
β—‰ Analytics to dreams and sleep habits
β—‰ Stats to track sleep efficiency
β—‰ Apple Health compatible

Questions/comments regarding the app? Please email us at contactus@zenlabsfitness.com or visit us at www.zenlabsfitness.com.

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Zen Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock
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