A Yorùbá language teaching app for kids

Yoruba101 Yoruba101 Yoruba101 Yoruba101 Yoruba101 Yoruba101 Yoruba101

Learn Yoruba language with ease and fun in Yoruba101. Learn the basics of Yoruba Language using over a dozen lessons, Play Games to test your knowledge and Unlock Yoruba Legends to win the ultimate crown in this educative adventure.

Yoruba101 is a fun, engaging and educative starter on Yoruba language; a rich language synonymous to millions of people across West Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Yoruba101 is useful to Lucumi speakers of the Santeria religion. Yoruba101 is also useful for learning Yoruba words used among the Candomblé.

Yoruba101 comes with
- Interactive Lessons with hundreds of words & sentences, multiple reading options, easy navigation, repeat, voice, text, colorful graphics, tips and more child-friendly features.
- Exciting Games with performance trackers to monitor your progress.
- Multiple languages: Yoruba to English, Spanish and Portuguese languages

Yoruba101 assumes that the user has no prior understanding of the language and Culture.


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