Yoga Guide Hindi - योगा सम्पूर्ण गाइड

Yoga Guide Hindi - योगा सम्पूर्ण गाइड

योगा सम्पूर्ण गाइड - सभी शारीरिक और मानसिक समस्यओ का एक हल - योग !!

Yoga Guide Hindi - योगा सम्पूर्ण गाइड
Yoga Guide Hindi - योगा सम्पूर्ण गाइड Yoga Guide Hindi - योगा सम्पूर्ण गाइड

योगा सम्पूर्ण गाइड - सभी शारीरिक और मानसिक समस्यओ का एक हल - योग !!

Thlis app is in hindi language & contains the various Indian Yoga stuffs across and are broadly classified as per the need of every person as per illness and all the types of requirements. Consistency is fulfilling and would be a good experience for all the users.A step by step guide for Yoga postures and Yoga Gestures.Yoga for all is the best app for beginners as well as womanmanboygirlkidschildren and all.Do this yoga workout daily and get benefit of Indian yoga.

Following are the classifications of ALL Yoga Postures (Yoga Asana) STUFFS

Surya – NamaskarAkarna – Dhanur - AsanaAnjaneya – AsanaArdha Chandra - AsanaArdha – Matsyendra - AsanaBaddha Kona AsanaBala AsanaChakra AsanaDhanur - AsanaEkapada - AsanaGaruda – AsanaGomukha – AsanaHala - sanaHasta – Pada – angustaMatsya - AsanaNaga – AsanaNataraja AsanaPadma – AsanaParivritta – parshvakonaPavana mukta AsanaSarvanga – AsanaShalabha – AsanaShava – AsanaSiddha - AsanaSimha – AsanaSirsha – AsanaTada – AsanaTrikona – AsanaUgra – AsanaUshtra – AsanaVajra – AsanaVira – AsanaVriksha – AsanaVrischika – Asana

List of Yoga Gestures (Yog Mudra) inclued in this app are

Gyan MudraPrana MudraVayu MudraPrithvi MudraChin MudraApan MudraSurya MudraShunya MudraLinga MudraGanesha MudraMandala MudraShankh MudraRudra MudraApan Vayu MudraSurahi MudraSurabhi MudraHakini MudraBronchial and Asthama MudraBack MudraKundalini MudraKhechari MudraYoni MudraJnana MudraVarun MudraAdi MudraShuni MudraBuddha MudraAnjali MudraLotus MudraKubera MudraMaha Sacral MudraShiv Linga MudraPurna MudraSuchi MudraAbhaya MudraGaruda MudraGuru Prasad MudraKali MudraVenus Lock MudraJupiter Lock MudraBear Grip MudraVaayan MudraSamaan MudraHansi MudraMrigi MudraHirdayi MudraBandhak MudraAditi MudraChinmaya Mudra

Following are the diseases and illness in which yoga can be applied

AbsAcidityArmsAsthmaBack Pain ReliefBeauty FaceBelly FatCervical Neck PainCervical SpondylosisChestConcentration And Memory PowerDepression And AnxietyDiabetesDigestionDiseasesEye VisionEyes ProblemFit Body Shape (Fitness)Flat And Slim TummyGain WeightGlowing And Healthy Skin (Face)Hair GrowthHealthHeight IncreaseHigh BPInfertilityIrregular PeriodsKnee Pain ReliefLeg Joint PainLiver And KidneyLower Back PainMemory (Brain)Memory PowerMental PeaceMind ConcentrationNeck And Shoulder PainObesityPcosPerfect Shape Of BodyPilesPregnant WomenReduce High Blood PressureReducing Hips And ThighsRegular Menstrual CycleRelaxationRunnersSharp MindStomach Fat LossStress ReliefStress Relief And ForgivenessStudy ConcentrationThyroid and Weight Loss.

Some of hindi disease name for which this yoga app can be useful are
Pet kam Karne ke UpayGhar bethe Body BanayeGora Hone Ke UpayGanjapan Dur Karne Ke UpayMotapa Dur Karne Ke TarikeGhar Bethe Body BanayeVajan Badhane Ke Tarike

You can use this Complete Yoga Guide app for BodybuildingGym Guide Training Baba Ramdev Yoga Baba Ramdev Yoga in English Baba Ramdev Yoga in Hindi Baba Ramdev Yoga in Tamil Baba Ramdev Yoga in Telugu Shilpa Shetty Yoga Shilpa Shetty Yoga Video Shilpa Shetty Yoga Diet Shilpa Shetty Yoga Workout GYM workout Plan for Men GYM workout Plan for Women Gym Workout for Chest Gym Workout for Biceps Gym Workout for Shoulders Gym Workout for Triceps Gym Workout for Thigh Meditation in Hindi Meditation Music Relax Yoga Meditation Yoga Videos Six Pack Abs Exercise and many more purposes.Instead if watching video of yoga try to learn yoga by reading so that you can get more knowledge about yoga.

Special Thanks to Our beloved Prime Minister Shree Narendra Modi ji Baba Ramdev ji Patanjali Sri Sri Ravi Shankar jiShilpa Shetty ji Rajiv Dixit ji and other Yoga Guru for making yoga so much famous in India. We are inspired by them to delevop this Yoga App in Hindi.

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