Yoga for Beginners | Down Dog

Yoga for Beginners | Down Dog

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Yoga for Beginners | Down Dog
Yoga for Beginners | Down Dog Yoga for Beginners | Down Dog Yoga for Beginners | Down Dog

If you are about to step onto your yoga mat for the first time - Welcome! Namaste! You've come to the right place! Yoga for Beginners is an entirely free app created to introduce absolute beginners to the practice of yoga.

Studies have shown that yoga improves flexibility builds strength creates muscles tone fosters relaxation decreases anxiety and stress and improves sleep!

Yoga for Beginners offers three beginning yoga practices each with beautiful video and clear instruction

Vinyasa Yoga a series of 3 beginner vinyasa yoga classes where you learn poses like downward facing dog chaturanga and how to flow between poses using your breath.

Hatha Yoga a series of 3 beginner hatha yoga classes that teaches you foundational yoga poses and moves slower than a vinyasa practice to allow for extra time in each pose to explore.

Restorative Yoga the gentlest of our intros a series of 3 beginner restorative practices done entirely on the floor so you can easily stretch your muscles release tension and relax.

In each intro series you will learn breathing practices and yoga poses that will help you cultivate confidence on and off your mat!

Get started in the comfort of your own home. No fancy yoga props required all you need is your yoga mat! Can't touch your toes? No problem - we'll give you modifications and alternatives along the way!

Select a voice you love from 6 different yoga teachers to guide you through your yoga journey.

In addition to our 6 English speaking voices all intro series are available in 9 other languages!

Beats that support and augment where you are in your practice whether you're warming up building heat or cooling down.


"I have tried many intro to yoga apps/websites/YouTube channels/books etc but nothing has been as captivating and easy to follow and enjoy as this. You truly are special. This is exactly what I have been searching for. Thank you." - Hana

"I love it. I'm a total newbie. I tried the intro and it was really clear. I felt like I learned about yoga poses and names I've been wondering about for a while. And best of all as a runner who is fairly muscle bound my sides and hip flexors opened!" - Victoria

"I have just completed day 1 of your intro to yoga. Based on that one session I think I have finally found the right yoga application for me. I am impressed with the instruction given and the high class of video you used." - Ian

"I loved this first day of intro to yoga! Great instructions to couple with the actions and I felt my confidence increase!" - Nichole

"loved the intro class! i loved how you explained the moves and which muscles we are supposed to feel a slight tension in. the music is an amazing selection felt calm throughout session" - Samantha

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