Yeloli Princess Makeup

Yeloli Princess Makeup

Facial cleanup exquisite makeupto be beautiful Yeloli Princess

Yeloli Princess Makeup
Yeloli Princess Makeup Yeloli Princess Makeup Yeloli Princess Makeup Yeloli Princess Makeup Yeloli Princess Makeup Yeloli Princess Makeup Yeloli Princess Makeup

Can you imagine the picture of Princess Yeloli's skin care? Super fun
facial SPA, cleans Yeloli's face and makes her instantly radiant! Then paint her delicate makeup, from eyebrows and eyelashes to eyeshadow lipstick, from hairstyle and headwear to clothing back, dress up carefully, you are the most beautiful makeup princess! Participate in the makeup contest, break through the barriers to advance to light up the trophy. and understand the secrets hidden in Ye Luoli's heart. Beautiful makeup, weaving your makeup dream~.

What is the beauty secret of the fairies Yeloli? Is it a skin care spa, exquisite cosmetics, or a gorgeous wardrobe? These are of course very important, but the most important thing is you who signed a contract with
the fairies Yeloli-you and them meet the difficulties and challenges, and break the queen's conspiracy. Unlock the fairy house for them. It is you who accompanied them to school, recording every bit of their growth! ! The fairy box is a romantic contract that belongs to you alone!

How to play

1. Test which Yeloli fairy you are
2. Come and test your natal Yeloli
3. Sign Yeloli's contract and start the adventure
4. Click to experience the magical Yeloli skin care and makeup
5. Dress up carefully to create a beautiful princess with makeup
6. There is a surprise when you open the magic box~
7. Participate in the PK of the arena and weekly voting
8. There are many mini games waiting for the princess to participate in

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1.0.0 released on 05 November 2021 (387 days ago)

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Yeloli Princess Makeup
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