Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide

Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide

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Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide
Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide Yellowstone Audio Tour Guide

Welcome to the narrated driving tour of Yellowstone National Park by Action Tour Guide!

Are you ready to turn your phone into a personal tour guide? This app offers a fully-guided experience - just like a local giving you a personalized, turn-by-turn tour.

Experience the raw power and beauty of nature at Yellowstone National Park. This enormous volcanic caldera has captured the American imagination for decades, and you’re about to learn why. Full of awe-inspiring geysers, astonishing waterfalls, and some of the only wild bison and wolves on the continent, this park simply can’t be missed.

Marvel at the 200-foot eruptions from Old Faithful and the even bigger explosions of steam and boiling water from its cousins. Peer deep into the Abyss Pool (if you dare) and follow a boardwalk through steaming hot springs which never freeze, even in the dead of winter! And try not to let your jaw drop too low when you see Grand Prismatic, an immense hot spring which radiates brilliant colors.

Watch herds of bison graze in Lamar Valley and elk plod around Mammoth Hot Springs. And keep an eye out for Yellowstone’s elusive but always regal wolf packs!

Along the way, we’ll give you extra details about everything Yellowstone, from the volcanic formation of the landscape to the corruption and poaching at the park’s inception and stories of the first explorers to trek through this magnificent wilderness. We’ll even dive into secrets you’re unlikely to hear anywhere else, like the story of how Yellowstone’s most resilient microbes brew beer and solve crimes!

See all this and more in our Yellowstone tour:

■ Boiling River
■ West Thumb
■ Abyss Pool
■ Fisherman’s Cone
■ Birds of Yellowstone
■ Shoshone Lake
■ Continental Divide
■ Bighorn Sheep
■ Old Faithful
■ Castle Geyser
■ Grand Geyser
■ Morning Glory
■ Fairy Falls & Grand Prismatic Spring
■ Firehole River
■ Fountain Paint Pot
■ Gibbon River
■ Lodgepole Pines
■ Artist’s Paint Pots
■ Norris Geyser Basin
■ Electric Peak
■ Swan Lake Flats
■ Sheepeater Cliffs
■ Golden Gate Bridge
■ Mammoth Hot Springs
■ Elk
■ Wraith Falls
■ Bison
■ Petrified Tree
■ Lost Lake
■ Roosevelt Lodge
■ Lamar Valley
■ Wolves
■ Coyotes
■ Devil’s Den
■ Dunraven Pass
■ Yellowstone River
■ Canyon Village
■ Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
■ Bears
■ Yellowstone Lake
■ Moose


■ Award-winning platform
The app, which has been featured on Thrillist, received the famed “Laurel Award” from the Newport Mansions, who use Action Tour Guide for over a million tours per year.

■ Plays automatically
The app knows where you are and which direction you are heading, and plays audio automatically about the things you are seeing, plus stories and tips and advice. Simply follow the GPS map & the routing line.

■ Fascinating stories
Be immersed in an engaging, accurate, and entertaining story about each point of interest. The stories are professionally narrated and prepared by local guides. Most stops also have additional stories that you can optionally choose to hear.

■ Works offline
No data, cellular or even wireless network connection needed while taking the tour. Download over Wi-Fi/Data Network before your tour.

■ Freedom of travel
Explore on your own time, at your own pace, and with the flexibility to linger at stops that interest you. You have total freedom to skip ahead, stop and restart, and take as many photos as you’d like.


Check out the totally free demo to get an idea of what this tour is all about. If you like it, purchase the tour to get full access to all of the stories.


■ Download ahead of time, over data or WiFi.
■ Be sure the phone battery is fully charged, or take an external battery pack. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. This app uses your location service and GPS tracking feature to allow real-time tracking of your route.


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