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XY Find It
XY Find It XY Find It XY Find It XY Find It XY Find It XY Find It XY Find It XY Find It XY Find It XY Find It

The XY Find It App makes everything you own Findable. This app connects to XY Finders to help you find important items before it's too late. Visit us online at xyfindit.com!

Attach an XY Finder to anything you want to track. If you lose it, use the XY Find It App to make your XY Finder beep. You can also use your XY Finder to ring your phone, even if it's on silent!


-Ring XY4+ Finders from up to 300 feet away

-Connect as many XY Finders as you want

-Use KeepNear to know when your item goes out of range

-Always see your XY Finder's last known location in the app

-If you lose your item, you can rely on our XY Lost and Findable Community to help look for it anonymously

-When your Bluetooth XY Finder's battery runs out, you can replace it yourself -- no need to buy a new one!


-Location: XY Find It App needs to know your current location from your phone's GPS to mark your Finder's last known location

-Camera/Photos/Media/Files: XY Find It App only needs access to your camera and photos for custom XY Finder images

-Storage: XY Find It App only stores app-related information

-For more information about our data collection, our privacy policy is available at www.xyfindit.com/privacy


-XY Find It App operates in the background of your device and may impact its battery life.

-XY Find It App works with Android devices running at least Android version 5.

-For help or support you can visit support.xyfindit.com or send an email to support@xyfindit.com

About this version (6.0.43)

Fixed premature tutorial and crashes

Other versions

6.0.43 released on 10 June 2021 (535 days ago)
6.0.40 released on 28 May 2021 (548 days ago)
5.0.10 released on 14 February 2019 (1382 days ago)

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