WTR - Weather Pro

WTR - Weather Pro

Simplicity & accuracy at your fingertips, incl. 60 years of historical data.

WTR - Weather Pro
WTR - Weather Pro WTR - Weather Pro WTR - Weather Pro WTR - Weather Pro WTR - Weather Pro

Most accurate hourly weather forecasts & historic data for the last 60 years WTR Weather Pro is your new partner on to go! Plan your day (do you need an umbrella or not?) and find out what's the best time to go on vacation!

Choose from various weather data providers one of them being Dark Sky the most accurate source of hyper local weather information.

WTR - Weather Pro Features

* Real-time weather data & hourly forecasts
* 5 & 7 day forecasts around the globe incl . overviews of all your favorite locations
* Daily & hourly rain amount rain probability and what time of the day it will rain at what time you need an umbrella
* Sunshine hours can tell you when outdoor activities make the best sense for you

* Weather forecast from all favorite cities and locations in one screen! No clicking through multiple screens and charts to get the most relevant info
* 5 & 7 day forecasts for all your favorite locations on a single page
* Clean interface with the most important info at a glance

* What’s the best time to go on a city trip or on vacation? Find out what the weather was like in the past at your location e.g. how was the weather in Paris in July 2018 2017 2016? How much does it rain in Bali in September and shall I go there for a holiday?
* Which place is the best to go to a specific month of the year? E.g. what was the weather & snow like in a skiing region the last few years? What is the best time to go to Aspen for skiing?
* Check the weather timeline for your birthday!
* See how the weather changed in the past years in your town!
* Was it really cooler in the 70s? What about the summer of ‘69?
* Weather calendar / almanac feature with historical data for an entire 60 years time frame

If you want a clean interface with the most important infos at a glance and history weather data this is the best weather forecast app for you.


About this version (2.3.1)

The MetGIS weather service now supports Fahrenheit and inches of rain. You can change the displayed units in the settings of the app.

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 2.3.1 by Felgo
Updated: 13 May 2020 (252 days ago)
Released: 15 October 2018
Installations: more than 5 000
WTR - Weather Pro
5 Stars: 57
4 Stars: 17
3 Stars: 8
2 Stars: 6
1 Star: 14

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