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Work Log
Work Log Work Log Work Log Work Log Work Log Work Log Work Log Work Log


โ˜… Supports NFC for clocking in and out

โ˜… Upon arrival to job site, app can send reminder alert to clock in/out (able to program multiple locations).

โ˜… At predetermined time, app can send reminder alert to clock in and out

โ˜… Multiple ways to clock in and out including:
Clock in/out with a simple touch of your finger
Option to clock in/out by typing

โ˜… Track hours for salary employees

โ˜… Able to program different hourly rates for various locations/job sites

โ˜… Able to set different shift differentials. Including day shift, evening shift, night shift, weekends, and holidays.

โ˜… Change and calculate retroactive salary for entire list or selected month

โ˜… Search, sort, calculate, edit, delete days under special notes

โ˜… New interface which allows for various color selections and color themes to correlate with different shifts

โ˜… Able to manually modify time log.

โ˜… Option to automatically back up data to the device.

โ˜… Clock widget for ease and accessibility for clock in and out

โ˜… Customize settings for unlimited number of jobs

โ˜… Able to toggle between jobs on the list with ease

โ˜… Automatically adjusts for shift differentials and displays them in custom colors assigned by user

โ˜… Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions on an as needed basis

โ˜… Able to add in bonuses, tips, and deductions on a permanent basis

โ˜… Able to enter in vacation pay, sick pay, and holidays

โ˜… Calculates mandatory deductions such as state tax, federal tax, state disability (according to user settings)

โ˜… Able to calculate travel expenses per day or per month

โ˜… Capable to back up to Google Drive or drop box

โ˜… Able to send data by e-mail in an Excel or text

โ˜… Calculate daily, monthly, or annual salary

โ˜… Mark month / day as Paid or Unpaid.

โ˜… And more...

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Android 8.0 Crash fixes

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Updated: 05 January 2020 (572 days ago)
Released: 10 September 2014
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Work Log
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