Wordzee! - Social Word Game

Wordzee! - Social Word Game

Test your vocabulary with our brand new word game!

Wordzee! - Social Word Game
Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game Wordzee! - Social Word Game

You can train your brain as you make words, play with friends, and compete in different word games and word game modes in new Wordzee.

Show off your puzzle solving, spelling, and anagram word skills as you search for the best scoring word combination in this exciting, free, new, word game.

Wordzee is a new twist in word puzzle, anagram, and crossword games! It is free to play, and there are so many new words to make and ways to play!

Roll your word tiles like dice, build words and play them on the board to get the highest score as you connect with friends in thrilling matches. Play classic matches in order to try and win against other players by building the biggest word score and making a Wordzee! Can you fill all of the rows on the board with words of the correct length to get a huge Wordzee point boost to your score?

Your new word puzzle game playing experience starts here! Start a new game with friends or family members who love word puzzles, dice games, and crossword puzzles.
Or you can start a classic match with a new opponent.
Shuffle the word tiles to find the highest scoring word on the board and play your move. Then it’s time for your opponent to try and find their best word to play. Why not start another game with a friend while they are playing!

Choose an instant game so you can play Wordzee in a quick game mode. Make words from the anagrams and play your tiles to get high scores with no waiting between rounds

Flex your word finding muscles in Journeys. Specially themed rounds let you explore and play your way to the top of the word map. Can your anagram and word puzzle skills get your word brain moving enough so you can complete the journey?
Play the High Score challenge and build the highest scoring words in a round to win exciting rewards. Play your best words to take your word puzzle game skills to the next level.
Can you make it to the top in the Showdown mode? Supersized tile values let you build huge scores against Kevin the Wordzee mascot. Use your word puzzle skills and play to win!
Totaliser lets you build your score the more you play. The game is to carry on playing great words to get high scores, build totals, and win rewards!

Show off your word game style and skills as you unlock special letter tiles like like the cute teddy bear, sushi, or watermelon
Special seasonal tiles mean your word games always look good

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Wordzee has been lovingly created by MAG Interactive, where we take fun seriously. We’ve made word games, puzzle games and fun social games on mobile for 10 years. Download Wordzee now!

Good Times!

Additional Information:
The Wordzee game is free to play. In-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.


About this version (1.169.0)

We always want to make our app more awesome by removing annoying bugs and improving features, so in this update we've done just that! Enjoy!

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Version: 1.169.0 by MAG Interactive
Updated: 04 May 2022 (12 days ago)
Released: 27 November 2019
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Wordzee! - Social Word Game
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