Word Cloud Art Generator

Word Cloud Art Generator

Generate beautiful word art with Word Cloud Word Art generator.

Word Cloud Art Generator
Word Cloud Art Generator Word Cloud Art Generator Word Cloud Art Generator Word Cloud Art Generator Word Cloud Art Generator Word Cloud Art Generator

Word Cloud Art Generator is an app that place upright your words into shape. The best tool for text on pictures, top typography app with cool fonts!

Prepare an opening slide for your business presentation. Whip up a creative status update for your Facebook page. Type in all the best wishes in a birthday greeting card for your grandma. Proudly tweet an image with your sport achievements. Perhaps, even list your skills for the CV.

Just enter a few words, and the application will shuffle them around in a cute disorderly fashion. Pick a color or two for your meaningful words, shape them, export them, use the pic. Rinse and repeat.

Your creative process:
• Enter as many words as you like.
• Select up to five different word colors for a fresh look.
• Choose the right background color. Yellow words on a black background or pink on white?
• You can even make a transparent background!
• There're many shapes to frame your idea. Star, Christmas Tree or Heart - and many more!
• Pick one or several fonts, just like colors.
• Looks great, doesn't it?

Picky? There're more options:
• Word sizes can be customized! First one is only for the first BIG word, and others - for everything else.
• Want more than one BIG IMPORTANT word right in the middle? Check additional options on the Enter Words screen!
• Hint: you can rearrange words order on the Enter Words screen: just drag-and-drop them.

And when you're done:
• Export the picture to a high-quality PNG.
• Share the picture with your friends directly from the app!
• Or post it to a social network - again, directly from the app.
• Don't forget to save the result. You might want to get back to it later! :)

1: Enter the text to send. Use the button or just double-click the preview area.
2: Select the preset/design that you like.
3: Customize the design by changing the font from those available.
4: Change the color of the new design (text and background).
5: Set a cool background (built-in textures, solid color, or a custom image)
6: Change other layout settings: margins, aspect ratio, alignment,...

Thank you...

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Word Cloud Art Generator
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