Wiseplay X: Online player

Wiseplay X: Online player

Simple and light video playlist player compatible with w3u and m3u.

Wiseplay X: Online player
Wiseplay X: Online player Wiseplay X: Online player Wiseplay X: Online player Wiseplay X: Online player Wiseplay X: Online player Wiseplay X: Online player

Wiseplay X is an experimental, lighter and more compact version of the acclaimed Wiseplay. Just created to play your video playlists in a simple way, without additions. Compatible with m3u and w3u.

Load your playlists and start enjoying using our modern, light and easy-to-use player. You can also send videos to the TV through Chromecast.

The lightest and most complete smart player:

โ˜…Wiseplay X is compatible with the most popular video formats, such as aac, av1, h264, hevc, m3u8, mkv, mp3, mp4, ogg, ts, vp9.
โ˜…Load your w3u and m3u video playlists easily. You can do it from a link, a QR code or a file.
โ˜…Send videos to your TV through Chromecast.
โ˜…Play videos in HD and 4K quality.
โ˜…IPTV Player for your live video streams.
โ˜…Easily manage video settings such as the speed, the audio tracks, or the playback progress.
โ˜…Wiseplay is free. You can watch your videos ad-free forever by purchasing the Premium version.
โ˜…Compatible with subtitles.
โ˜…Simple interface that allows to watch your videos easily. Choose between normal and night mode.


The official version of Wiseplay X does not include any content. This means that you must provide your content from your device, playlists or through the browser. The Wiseplay team does not condone the use of illegal or protected content.


- Wiseplay X does not include or provide content.
- Users can use their own content or third-party.
- Wiseplay X has no affiliation with any content provider.
- Wiseplay X does not endorse the use of protected content without the permission of its copyright owner.

About this version (1.1.2)

Other versions

1.1.1 released on 09 February 2022 (302 days ago)
1.1.0 released on 04 February 2022 (307 days ago)
1.0.2 released on 07 January 2022 (335 days ago)
1.0.1 released on 12 October 2021 (422 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 0 MB
Version: 1.1.2 by Wiseplay
Updated: 22 April 2022 (230 days ago)
Released: 29 February 2020
Installations: more than 50 000
Wiseplay X: Online player
5 Stars: 560
4 Stars: 140
3 Stars: 0
2 Stars: 0
1 Star: 140

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