WiFi Timer

WiFi Timer

Put your mobile WiFi connection on autopilot sit back and relax...

WiFi Timer
WiFi Timer WiFi Timer WiFi Timer WiFi Timer WiFi Timer

WiFi Timer is an app that enables you to automate your mobile WiFi connection enable & disable operations. Your device will go online or offline according to the time you set.

Application features:
✔️ Auto turn ON & OFF mobile WiFi connection
This feature will allow you to automate your mobile WiFi usage. Just set the time when you want to turn OFF the mobile WiFi and when you want to turn it ON again. Rest the app will take care it for you.

✔️ Save your time and data
Set your WiFi on periodic OFF & ON and save not only your time but also your data usage. The app will automatically turn OFF the WiFi for the given period of time and turn it back ON to sync your emails, messages, etc.

✔️ Save battery
This app will help you to save your battery by turning OFF the WiFi at the time specified by you. No internet means no data to sync and no data to sync means less battery usage.

✔️ State of the art design
Enjoy the state of the art app design with this free app. In fact, the app theme is more or less like an IPhone app.

✔️ No harmful Permissions
This app does not require any special permissions like your current location, phone calls, contacts, SMS, etc.

✔️ No Sign Up required
This app does not require any sign up. Start using the app as and when you lunch it.

About this version (1.3.7)

✔️ Now you can hide all the notifications from the app. ✔️ Bug fixes ✔️ UI improvements

Other versions

1.4 released on 18 November 2020 (314 days ago)

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 25 MB
Version: 1.3.7 by
Updated: 15 June 2021 (105 days ago)
Installations: more than 5 000
WiFi Timer
5 Stars: 28
4 Stars: 3
3 Stars: 6
2 Stars: 3
1 Star: 14

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