WiFi Max Level

WiFi Max Level

Connecting to a Wi-Fi access point with maximum signal strength

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WiFi Max Level
WiFi Max Level WiFi Max Level WiFi Max Level WiFi Max Level

โ— Displays the currently available Wi-Fi connections that you have previously connected to and select the best Wi-Fi signal.
โ— Displays Wi-Fi without passwords that you can now connect to.
โ— For multiple Wi-Fi with the same name, you can choose the best signal from all available.
โ— The signal strength of Wi-Fi access points is displayed in real time.

Connection to access points works in manual mode:
โ— A click on the button connects the Wi-Fi access point with the strongest signal of all available.
โ— Clicking on an access point connects the selected Wi-Fi access point.

About this version (2.3)

Fixed bugs.

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Released: 02 February 2020
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WiFi Max Level
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