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Wheel Size

Wheel fitment database and tire size guide

 Wheel Size
 Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size  Wheel Size

This handy app allows you to look up the correct wheel fitment data for your vehicle using the world’s largest wheel fitment database at Wheel-Size.com.

You can retrieve information about wheel sizes for rims and tires including OE and aftermarket replacement options as well as plus-minus sizing fitment information.

The information about fitment data is updated on a daily basis. Wheel-Size.com provides frequently maintained data with over 110 car makes including 3800+ models for 12 global markets. The coverage of wheel size data for vehicles manufactured since 2000 is nearly 100%.

App features
★ Regularly updated with new vehicles in real time
★ Your recent searches and favorites are fully available offline
★ Articles top tire lists and rankings from tiresvote.com
★ Easily Share your search results
★ Imperial (US) and metric systems are supported

Start by entering the make year model and trim of your vehicle to provide a complete listing of wheel fitment info for your vehicle.

Data that are presented in the application
- Tire Size (tire / tire width aspect ratio rim diameter)
- Load Index
- Speed Rating
- Rim Size (rim width and rim diameter)
- Offset
- Bolt Pattern Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)
- Generation
- Market
- Power
- Trim
- Engine type fuel type engine code
- Trim Options
- Center Bore
- Wheel Fasteners (lock type lug nuts / bolts)
- Torque
- Thread Size
- Production Years
- Tire Pressure
- Photo of the vehicle

List of markets* we are covering
- US domestic market (USDM) - key market
- European domestic market (EUDM) - key market
- Japanese domestic market (JDM)
- Southeast Asian Market (SAM)
- Australian Domestic Market (AUDM)
- Latin American domestic market (LADM)
- Middle East Domestic Market (MEDM)
- Mexican domestic market (MXNDM)
- South Korean Domestic Market (SKDM)
- Canadian domestic market (CDM)
- South African Domestic Market (SADM)
- Chinese Domestic Market (CHDM)

* Market is the region where the car was sold or is still being sold.

If you have been unable to find the information on the requested market try using the car’s details taken from the key markets.

If you have any doubts problems or suggestions concerning our app please email us at info@wheel-size.com and we will do our best to fix whatever you think could be improved. If you enjoy Wheel Size please leave a review on Google Play!


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App stability improvements. Monetization strategy updated in order to support further features

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1.3.0 released on 20 June 2020 (127 days ago)

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