Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform

Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform

Naturopathy, Nature Cure, Alternate healing and Vegan food recipes for Wellness

Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform
Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform Wellcure.com - Natural Cure Platform

Wellcure is a Nature Cure platform for a healthy lifestyle to help you live an illness free and medicine free life. Join our cure platform to learn share and implement Natural Cure & naturopathy methods of all lifestyle diseases. On Well cure you can interact with nature cure & naturopathy individuals who have made the switch to natural healing through remedies available at home. On Wellcure you will find articles on self cure concepts easy healthy & vegan recipes and home remedy tips for transition to a healthy lifestyle.

On Well cure one can easily find nature cure & naturopathy solutions for health issues like diabetes thyroid back pain skin problems infertility joint pain wrinkles dry cough loose motion constipation stomach pain hair fall pimples fever pain in the throat and many more. We have divided the app into four cure sections as follows -

Self Cure Find well-researched articles on how our body heals itself building the body’s self-defence mechanism and understanding of all aspects of nature cure. There are articles on developing healthy habits sleep and a healthier lifestyle.

Natural Cure Q&A In this section anyone can ask any health-related questions and get responses from our Nature cure experts and real-life experienced people. You can vote up or down an answer or comment for further communication. Take help render help - as much as you can.

Vegan & Health Cure Recipes Get endless whole plant-based healthy food recipes and simple home remedies for general health betterment. A broad range of healthy dishes includes salads curries desserts snacks and fruit-based dishes which are tasty and easy to make. All the recipes are oil free dairy free and sugar free.

Nature Cure Health Journeys Read inspiring natural cure journeys of people from all walks of life who treated their health issues using natural cure principles. Stories on how someone treated their thyroid how someone managed diabetes skin conditions how someone managed their hair fall without medicines - nature cure health journeys have everything and more. If you have any great natural cure story to tell then this is your stage.

Some of the most talked about topics (but not limited to) on Wellcure Self Cure -
• Alkaline or acidic foods
• Healthy hair remedies
• Acid reflux & Acidity remedies
• Fat loss diets
• Dealing with Menopause
• Understanding food combinations
• Circadian rhythm of the body
• Relieve cervical spondylitis
• Blood pressure management
• Beating the heat naturally

Some famous Healthy Recipes -
• Golgappa pani recipe.
• Jackfruit softy
• Dairy free golden turmeric milk.
• Avocado face mask.
• Muskmelon seeds curd.
• Chole and Avocado Salad.
• Dairy free Kesar kulfi ice-cream.
• Recipe for dandruff free scalp.

Some Famous Questions asked and their answers -
• Remedy for Grey Hair? Premature greying of hair occur when the person is deficient of Vitamin B-6 B-12 D and E too. Stress can also be the reason.
• Cure for Sore Throat? Apple Cider Vinegar Gargling with Salt Water Honey and Cinnamon are some of the most common home remedies for Sore throat.
• Do’s and Don'ts after Thyroid Surgery?
• Lifestyle changes for both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes? Yoga Changing food habits Meditation Stay Hydrated Proper Bowel Movement and rest are some of the significant changes you need.
• How to Gain Weight?

Some Inspiring Natural Cure Health Journeys -
• Liberation from Asthma
• Incurable Skin Allergy
• Diabetes Reversal and Cholesterol Control
• Severe Gastric Issues
• PCOD PCOS Cysts & Fibroids
• Overcoming Depression & Skin Issues
• Freedom from Hormone Replacement Therapy

Well cure is an initiative taken to help people fix their physical health issues through nature cure. It is one of the first wellness communities in India to address health issues using natural healing remedies. Wellcure is for the people and by the people.


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