Weight Loss Tracker & BMI

Weight Loss Tracker & BMI

The easiest way to get rid of excess weight is to track your progress daily

Weight Loss Tracker & BMI
Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Weight Loss Tracker & BMI Weight Loss Tracker & BMI

The best way to get rid of excess weight is to track your progress daily

With our application, you can easily calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) and find out the weight norm for your height. The app's graphs will show you how much weight you need to lose or gain to the required mass, which will help you control your weight. Also, the app includes a weight control diary that records your achievements on the way to your goal. With the help of the calorie calculator, you will be able to calculate your calorie allowance. This app will help you lose weight.

Application Features :
- BMI calculator
- Calorie Calculator
- Weight change chart
- Weight Control Diary
- Multi-user support

Keeping a weight loss diary, or, in another way, a food diary is an effective tool for those who want to keep their weight normal. Such a diary is an excellent motivation for a healthy lifestyle.Success in the fight against excess weight is determined by two components โˆ’ motor activity and proper nutrition. Moreover, the second aspect is crucial, because you can train to exhaustion, but if you continue to eat high-calorie food uncontrollably, then any efforts will be in vain. The same benefits are brought by a food diary, which helps to evaluate your eating behavior and easily correct it. Therefore, in the process of weight loss, nutritionists recommend that you always keep both those and other records, combining them into one general weight loss diary.Studies have shown that this approach to the process of weight loss does not just help to normalize body weight, but changes the attitude to everything that can affect well-being and appearance. Keeping a weight loss diary may seem difficult only at first. It will become a habit very quickly, and to determine the calorie content or weight of a portion of most dishes, you will no longer need to use a table and a calculator, because they will be easily remembered. The most important thing is to make regular entries and be sure to draw conclusions by analyzing the data obtained.To get the maximum benefit from a weight loss diary, it is extremely important to know not only how to make daily records, but also how to use them in the future. Entering data is only half the job, since they need to be systematically analyzed and based on the results obtained, nutrition and lifestyle should be adjusted.A food diary is not for life. Your diet will be clear to you in 3-4 weeks. You will be able to analyze your own eating behavior, learn how to control your appetite and understand, at least approximately, the calorie content of dishes without scrupulous calorie counting. And then you can gradually change your diet and habits. For example, increase the amount of water consumed per day, reduce the amount of carbohydrates or increase the amount of protein in the diet. The diary will help you control the desire to "eat from nothing to do" and for the company, and this in turn will save your figure from extra centimeters.
With the help of the weight control diary, you will be able to add information about your weight and track your progress in the fight against excess weight and weight loss. With the help of the weight change chart, you will be able to observe the progress of weight change, which is an excellent incentive to lose weight. With the help of the BMI calculator, you can calculate the normal weight for your height and understand what you need to strive for. With the calorie calculator, you can calculate your daily calorie intake depending on your weight, height, gender and activity level. Are you looking to lose or gain weight? Or evaluate the effectiveness of your diet? In this case, our application will help you with this. Every day you will be able to monitor your progress towards the ideal weight. This application will encourage you to achieve new successes in the fight against excess weight. The best way to get rid of excess weight and lose weight is to track your progress daily!

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