Webtext Reader

Webtext Reader

Read your Soomo webtexts and respond to questions online or offline.

Webtext Reader
Webtext Reader Webtext Reader Webtext Reader

Use our Webtext Reader® to access Soomo Webtexts on your Android device. Read your webtext online or offline, respond to study questions, and compose short answer responses.

• Download webtexts to your Android device for easy online or offline reading
• Enjoy simple, user-friendly navigation and a clean reading experience
• Answer questions including multiple choice, short answer, and response boards
• Explore illustrations with pinch-and-zoom, and tap glossary terms for definitions
• Sync your completed work between your Android device and your web-based textbook

• Soomo Learning webtext account
• Access to one or more Soomo webtexts
• Android 7 (Nougat) or above

About this version (1.8.3)

Our latest update squashes some bugs and delivers course configurations more reliably.

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Size: 12 MB
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Updated: 01 February 2021 (142 days ago)
Installations: more than 10 000
Webtext Reader
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