Local Weather Alerts - Widget

Local Weather Alerts - Widget

Accurate weather forecast daily weather changes are easy to grasp

Local Weather Alerts - Widget
Local Weather Alerts - Widget Local Weather Alerts - Widget Local Weather Alerts - Widget Local Weather Alerts - Widget Local Weather Alerts - Widget Local Weather Alerts - Widget

All weather information is gathered on one page for easy viewing. View and manage weather information of multiple cities at the same time. You can predict the weather in the next few hours and days. Weather warning information to help you plan ahead.

【Product Features】

Real-time weather data:
Provide weather forecast information for 24 hours and 25 days.
Air quality information:
Monitor air quality in real time and care for your health.
Alert notification:
Provide weather notifications for rain, snow, lightning, haze, storms, etc.
Desktop Weather Widget:
Multiple desktop widgets are available, and you can choose a style you like.
Accurate forecast of rain and snow up to the hour:
Get accurate weather temperature changes to hours in advance to plan ahead for your appearance.
Global weather queries for any latitude and longitude:
Supports weather queries for any latitude and longitude in the world.
Multi-day weather forecast:
Multi-day weather trend forecast, forecast the rain early to make plans.
Radar map:
Clear radar map of precipitation trends, providing accurate weather forecast trends to protect your travel.
Various weather backgrounds:
Beautiful weather realistic background, according to different weather information cut map is not the same weather background picture.
A list of city management:
View weather information for multiple cities at the same time, add or remove the city weather you want.

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1.3.6 released on 13 April 2022 (410 days ago)
1.3.5 released on 22 September 2021 (613 days ago)
1.3.4 released on 05 July 2021 (692 days ago)
1.3.1 released on 28 June 2021 (699 days ago)
1.3.0 released on 18 June 2021 (709 days ago)
1.2.9 released on 07 June 2021 (720 days ago)
1.2.8 released on 13 May 2021 (745 days ago)
1.2.7 released on 26 April 2021 (762 days ago)
1.2.5 released on 21 April 2021 (767 days ago)
1.2.3 released on 11 April 2021 (777 days ago)
1.2.1 released on 06 April 2021 (782 days ago)
1.1.9 released on 10 February 2021 (837 days ago)
1.1.5 released on 17 January 2021 (861 days ago)
1.1.2 released on 06 January 2021 (872 days ago)
1.1.0 released on 01 January 2021 (877 days ago)
1.0.8 released on 17 December 2020 (892 days ago)

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Local Weather Alerts - Widget
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