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Watch Movies Online

Watch movies online in HD. You can also watch TV Shows.

Watch Movies Online
Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online Watch Movies Online

We own the copyright to all the movies we show. We have also done the manual work of creating the English subtitles. We do not use any player or API external to the application.

Most of the free movies we show are short movies, they have been made with high quality and are in HD. Creating a movie is not easy, start by creating a script first, this will help you begin to understand the locations where to record the movie. But if you look closely, in each scene the camera not only stays fixed but also moves and uses different angles. To achieve this, we must first develop a diagram of which cameras are going to be used and at what angle in each scene.
We have explained this to you so that you understand the difficulty of making a film, there is a lot of work behind it and we hope you appreciate the films that we show within the application because they have been made with a lot of dedication and work.

We will be adding free movies and television series little by little, because we want to be the benchmark application in terms of entertainment service in which you do not need to pay, we want to be able to entertain people who cannot afford other subscription services for be able to watch movies or series in English on Android in HD. Entertainment must be global, so we will only finance ourselves with ads. As we collect revenue, we will add more free movies and free TV Shows.

We have to start a series that deals with a temporal paradox, recorded on a low budget but very original. It exposes a utopian world in which we all live in a loop and no one has ever left this loop before. What will happen when this space-time loop is broken? Find out for free with our application!

We have been working for many months to be able to carry out this application, we are very proud with the result but we know that there is always room for improvement, our vision is to give free entertainment in the form of video to all possible people, to do so, invest little by little. little in new productions. We are very interested in creating interesting documentaries but we still only have one about shooting a short film.

Watch free movies and TV Shows in English with subtitles totally free on Android and in HD, it is something that is not easy to find, also there are many applications that do not have copyright of what they show and that seems very bad to us. That is why we want to start by creating something legal and true, capable of obtaining more and more productions to compete with large companies. Cinema can be beautiful if you appreciate it from an art perspective.

After several weeks of work we have managed to create subtitles in English. We have manually checked the subtitles for consistency and timing. We want even people who cannot hear to be able to enjoy free movies and TV shows for free on Android.

ALERT: We own the copyright of each and every one of the films shown. We do not use any API / player external to us.

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