Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng

Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng

Make calls earn FREE Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng
Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng

Make Calls, Earn Free Bitcoin ₿

Vyng is the only dialer that rewards you with Bitcoin for making the calls you already make.

Like other call apps and dialers, Vyng is free to download, but instead of those apps making money off of you, you earn Bitcoin just for using Vyng.

Vyng offers Caller ID, Spam Call Blocking, Video Caller ID, Ringtones, Calling Cards, Call Messaging, Call Reasons and much more—but Vyng also pays you in Bitcoin just for using it.

Vyng makes it easier than ever to own Bitcoin. No prior technical experience or cost is needed to participate in this next-generation economy.

With Vyng you earn Bitcoin for FREE, no money or bank account required. You simply need to make at least one call every day from the Vyng app. When you do, you earn a spin of the Bitcoin wheel, and earn up to 5,000 Satoshis (Satoshis (SATS) = a fraction of a Bitcoin, similar to cents of a dollar).

Every spin wins Bitcoin, guaranteed. Want more spins? You can send friends who use Vyng a bonus spin when you call them just by saying why you’re calling (limited to once a day). Who knows, they may send one to you too :)

Start better conversations and take control of your Caller ID

Lock Screen Messages, Free Caller ID, Call Blocker,and Spam Protection App and much more along with earning Bitcoins. You can make your cookies and bonus spins to win Bitcoins easily with technical expertise and less cost. We are the first creative Video Caller Tune App with 15 million downloads to our credit! So if you want to call someone interesting, you need this application on your smartphone.

📞Vyng Features

It lets users see custom videos of who is calling. Spam calls are blocked through Vyng app!

✅Default Call Mode

Start your journey with our calling application by granting simple access to our app for managing your phone calls.

Bitcoin ₿

Simply use the Vyng app to make at least one call every day. You'll get a chance to spin the Bitcoin wheel and win up to 5,000 Satoshis of "SATS" (a fraction of a Bitcoin, similar to cents of a dollar)

✅Create Caller ID

Add a display Image/Video & Ringtone/Music to create your Caller ID, which friends will see when you call them.

✅Tag a Call Reason

Add a call reason to be displayed on your contact’s screen as their phone rings to let them know your reason for reaching out. For instance, “Just saying Hi!” Or “Urgent!”

You have options to add a custom reason/disable call reason—a small note to make all the difference.

✅Free Video Ringtone

Add/Edit music and video to collate your video ringtone. This video plays whenever you get calls. Change as many times as you want for free.

✅Suggest Caller ID

Friends not yet on Vyng? Set a photo or video as their Caller ID profile. You and other friends will see this video whenever they call. They will get an SMS inviting them to edit this content.

✅Search Engine

Look for contact names or numbers using this intelligent search engine for friends and businesses. You can even do a reverse phone number lookup.

Want to earn even more Bitcoin? Invite a friend to join Vyng with your referral code and they earn 500 SATS, and you earn 500 SATS once they earn an additional 200 SATS.

Once you earn 1200 or more SATs, Vyng will send you Bitcoin to a free Bitcoin wallet.

If you are seeking financial freedom, Vyng is for you.
(Note: The conversion of SATS to BTC never changes, it will always remain the same at 100 million SATS per Bitcoin.)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support team -


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Fixed bugs

Other versions

2.2.3 released on 29 April 2022 (276 days ago)
2.2 released on 30 March 2022 (306 days ago)
2.1.2 released on 10 March 2022 (326 days ago)
2.0.2 released on 15 December 2021 (411 days ago)
2.0 released on 30 November 2021 (426 days ago)
1.8.1 released on 19 October 2021 (468 days ago)
1.7 released on 30 August 2021 (518 days ago)
1.6.1 released on 18 August 2021 (530 days ago)
1.5 released on 27 July 2021 (552 days ago)
1.4.11 released on 05 July 2021 (574 days ago)
1.4 released on 21 June 2021 (588 days ago)
1.3 released on 12 April 2021 (658 days ago)
1.2.1 released on 08 March 2021 (693 days ago)
1.2 released on 17 February 2021 (712 days ago)
1.1 released on 02 January 2021 (758 days ago)

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Bitcoin Dialer - Vyng
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