VLSM CIDR: Subnet Calculator

VLSM CIDR: Subnet Calculator

Subnetting Calculator (CIDR

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VLSM CIDR: Subnet Calculator
VLSM CIDR: Subnet Calculator VLSM CIDR: Subnet Calculator VLSM CIDR: Subnet Calculator VLSM CIDR: Subnet Calculator

This Subnet Calculator enables networks subnet masking calculations using network class IP address subnet mask subnet bits mask bits maximum required IP subnets and maximum required hosts per subnet. Therefore results of this subnet calculator is provided as the decimal IP address the wildcard mask for use with ACL (Access Control Lists) subnet ID broadcast address the subnet host addresses range for the entire subnet network.

A tool that you need as a Network Engineer or Student. Throughout this app you will get a lot of calculated information about an IP address or a network address according to your Subnet mask and CIDR value. And you can also calculate the Variable Length Subnet Mask (VLSM).

Why should you install this app?
Because its easy to use and using this Subnet Calculator you will get these below information
❖ Gateway address
❖ No. of available hosts (USABLE HOSTS / UNUSABLE HOSTS)
❖ Length of the subnet (BLOCKSIZE)
❖ Class of IP address (CLASS)
❖ Identify Public or Private Addresses
❖ Wildcard Mask Address
❖ All Available Subnet Addesses
❖ Also Valid Hosts Addresses Range -
βž₯ Network Address.
βž₯ First Available IP Address.
βž₯ Second Available IP Address.
βž₯ Broadcast Address.

πŸ“’ (NEW) Variable Length Subnet Mask Calculator has been added.
-- Network address customization is easy now.

πŸ“’ What are the extra benefits for using it?
➊ At the beginning IP SUBNET and CIDR will go through a strong logic so the exact issue will show at the above of edit text boxes if anything is missing or miss-spelled.
βž‹ Easy to store output results in the database.
➌ Two types of share system
βž€ Text-based on the HOME page.
➁ Image-based is available in MY SAVED IP by a swipe to right over the list item.
➍ Clean cache data.
➎ Continue where you left off. (RECOMMENDED)
➏ According to UI output results could be hidden/shown.

πŸ”‘How to make this app like Ad. free?
Go for Easy Ip Subnet Calculator Pro today.

β˜…β˜…The app designed for phones and tablets only. So it would be handy for tablet users too.β˜…β˜…

πŸ“ŒHow can you contribute to the developer team?
❢ Let us know throughout the comment box if there is any issue while using this app.
❷ Finally let us also know if anything was missing or may need to improve.

πŸ™ Thank you.

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About this version (2.4.5)

βœ”οΈ FLSM List indication (New) βœ”οΈ Hex, Octal, Binary and Decimal supports (New) βœ”οΈ Select All is now available in Flsm Share Text (New) βœ”οΈ Switch between subnets in FLSM (New) πŸ“’ Keep up to date your app and thanks for your support.

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VLSM CIDR: Subnet Calculator
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