Virtual lover

Virtual lover

You do not have a lover ?, try this fun application

Virtual lover
Virtual lover Virtual lover Virtual lover Virtual lover Virtual lover Virtual lover Virtual lover Virtual lover

You are sad?
Are you lonely?
Have not you ever had a love affair?
Want to find a maid in your phone?
Or simply you want to find a friend to chat?

This is an application that helps you solve those problems
You will have a cute girlfriend lurking lurking with you always make fun of jokes. will follow you on the cold winter days hot summer days

Especially you can err give orders to do simple tasks such as compose call play music etc. .. have such a docile love everyone does not like it!

Not only that this virtual lover application also brings you many interesting features such as

+ Chat
- Sing to you
- Read the story
-Memory-language love
-Learn foreign language
- Guess the user emotion
- Describe the user's personality through questions
+ Virtual Assistant
Control the system with commands user talk (eg open applications messages call etc.)
+ Virtual reality
- create virtual reality environment
- Create realistic virtual environments with realistic lifestyles

About this version (1.27)

+ Selections, chat answer suggestions and categories + Teaching level function + Integrating speech recognition into teaching and reporting functions + Optimize the interface + Add part to adjust the sensors of the phone to the settings + Add radio list * And many new features are being updated every day. Hope this little girl will help you forget the sadness! Talk a lot and teach her good things to make her smart, a friend, an indispensable virtual assistant in every phone ^^

Details and Recent Ratings

Size: 42 MB
Version: 1.27 by Carrot App
Updated: 31 January 2019 (810 days ago)
Released: 23 September 2017
Installations: more than 500 000
Virtual lover
5 Stars: 17296
4 Stars: 1730
3 Stars: 1210
2 Stars: 640
1 Star: 3371

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