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Video Kiosk

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Video Kiosk
Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk Video Kiosk

LICENSING: Per Device Video Kiosk is a Free Trial download. Video Kiosk is licensed on a per device basis. If you need to install the App on a large number of devices, contact us about volume discounts.

Turn your Android device into a reliable, robust, secure Android kiosk playing looping videos, images and web pages. You’ll have your Android TV, tablet, phone playing videos, images and web pages and running unattended, and reliably with minimal set up. Optional advanced features include secure Kiosk Mode for access management, remote management, remote update, playback scheduling, overlays, backgrounds and flexible screen layouts – full screen or split screen for digital signage with widgets.


Easy to Use
Plays video and/or images and/or web pages in a loop with a simple 3-step Installation. Here’s what you do:
1. On your computer, create a videokiosk folder and put your media in the folder
2. Copy the folder to your Android device or use the integrated Cloud Download feature
3. Launch Video Kiosk
Video Kiosk will now play the contents of the folder, in a loop, unattended. Video Kiosk can be used to run the big screen at a gym, shop, or anywhere where you need to run a digital signage display. Just turn the TV on - Video Kiosk takes care of the rest.

Flexible display modes
- Use Full Screen display to loop video and images on an Android TV, tablet or phone – perfect for Digital Signage
- Use Split Screen for Digital Signage with widgets (looping media in one, widgets in the other three)
- Use Interactive Kiosk mode to set up a Touch Screen Interactive Kiosk

Control Content Loop Playback Order and Schedule
- Control Playback Order using Playlists, Sort by path or filename, Random order or Round Robin through folders
- Set a playback schedule using Android Calendar, Google Calendar, XML schedule file
- Control Playback using the Device Location or Motion Detection

Robust, Secure and Reliable
Secure Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk. Video Kiosk has security options for controlling access to the Kiosk software and for controlling access to the device
- Password protection
- Restrict access to device controls, especially for interactive devices
- Lock down Kiosk on rooted devices
Reliable Digital Signage. Video Kiosk has built-in logic to recover from common sources of playback interruption.
- Dims screen on battery-powered devices when battery power is low
- Handles restarts, awakening from sleep, unplayable media, recurring errors, abandoned and skips it
- No down time required when updating. If the video loop changes because you have updated it, the new video loop will play the next time the loop starts.

Remote Management and Update
With remote management features and a cloud service, you can update and manage all of your video kiosks, simultaneously, from anywhere that you have Internet access and with no device downtime.
- Remotely manage your content loop or update playback order, schedule, backgrounds, overlays using the cloud
- Integrate Video Kiosk with a management system to receive device status reports.

- Free trial download. Try all the features then purchase to activate the App on your device

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

- Watch the Getting Started with Video Kiosk video
- Refer to the Online Tutorials
- Read the Video Kiosk User Manual
- Download the Media Sample Pack and give Video Kiosk a try right now!


About this version (

Build with latest build tools. Build with latest build SDK. Build with latest libraries. Make small change to motion detection to check for motion every 0.3 seconds instead of every 0.2 seconds since some low end devices needed a bit more time to process the images.

Other versions released on 31 July 2021 (942 days ago) released on 30 May 2021 (1004 days ago) released on 28 October 2020 (1218 days ago) released on 04 September 2020 (1272 days ago) released on 04 July 2020 (1334 days ago) released on 21 March 2020 (1439 days ago)

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Updated: 04 January 2022 (785 days ago)
Released: 02 October 2013
Installations: more than 10 000
Video Kiosk
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