Video Editor - Add text on Video

Video Editor - Add text on Video

Text on video with styles, fonts and animation.Cut, crop, add audio & background

Video Editor - Add text on Video
Video Editor - Add text on Video Video Editor - Add text on Video Video Editor - Add text on Video Video Editor - Add text on Video Video Editor - Add text on Video Video Editor - Add text on Video Video Editor - Add text on Video

Meet our free and light video editor with professional text editing features and many video tools. Add text on your videos text animations change fonts apply beautiful styles to your overlays(change color/stroke/background/shadow colors). Add photos & stickers from our free sticker pack. Add audio & music from your local files extract audio set background scene video cutter crop & fine-tune video color adjuster.
Easily add quotes animated subtitles and organize your overlays on the timetable. Adjust and align texts on the video.

Video specific features

Resize canvas add background (color gradients) Put video in the frame
landscape/portrait or square depending where you want to upload your final video (Instagram Facebook TikTok)
Replace audio Choose audios from your phone you can directly extract audio from your videos mute/unmute original audio.
Video cutter video trimmer Trim and cut any part of the video
Free Video crop with popular presets.
No Watermark ๐Ÿ‘
Video Tuner Adjust properties of your video ( exposure contrast saturation warmth vignette highlights and shadows color tints). Create filter like effects with this tool.
Video quality Exports in high quality. Choose quality feature will be added in future releases.
Video editor and maker picks the best saving options and can save pretty quick depending on your edits.

Text and overlays
* Various fonts to add to your texts. (Update added 500+ text fonts)
* Upload your own fonts
* Text animations moving text. add basic transition animations combine them to play
together control individual animation duration and property.
* Transparent text background
* Text bending
* Text shadows with blur and color control
* Change distance between letters and lines
* Text bounds wrapping and bold text support
* Color manipulations + opacity control + stroke
* Add photo crop photo

Video editor & video maker offers key pro tools for your edits try us out!. And your feedback will be much appreciated

About this version (1.4.6)

NEW Feature. Photo to video maker, now you can create videos from photos.

Other versions

1.4.5 released on 26 November 2020 (56 days ago)
1.4.4 released on 12 November 2020 (70 days ago)
1.4.31 released on 07 November 2020 (75 days ago)
1.4.3 released on 30 October 2020 (83 days ago)
1.4.2 released on 23 October 2020 (90 days ago)
1.4.1 released on 12 October 2020 (101 days ago)
1.4.01 released on 04 October 2020 (109 days ago)
1.3.912 released on 27 September 2020 (116 days ago)
1.3.8 released on 17 September 2020 (126 days ago)

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Video Editor - Add text on Video
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