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Vet Easy
Vet Easy Vet Easy Vet Easy Vet Easy Vet Easy Vet Easy Vet Easy Vet Easy

Vet Easy is a personalized drug and protocol organizer that veterinary professionals, technicians, assistants, and students can use to save time during patient assessments. This app helps improve the overall quality of patient care by providing the right drug with the right dosage for the right pet every single time. Vet Easy will help you get efficient, consistent, and error-free results so you can spend more time caring for your patients and less time calculating drug dosages.

Vet Easy Features:

1. Dosage Calculator

• Calculates drug dosages for 500+ drugs by entering the patient’s weight. You can also:

- Add/edit the range and fixed dosage values for drugs,
- Add/edit drug concentrations, duration, and route values,
- Add up to 5 taper doses to a drug,
- Add custom notes to the drugs, and
- Restore default drug information.

2. Drugs and Protocols

• 50+ default protocols.
• Add, delete, and rename your custom drugs.
• Add, delete, and rename your personalized protocols.
• Assign drugs to protocols.
• Remove drugs from protocols.

3. Converters

• Utilize 15+ converters which includes:

- Fluid rate calculator
- % Dextrose solution
- CRI calculator (single and multi-drug)
- RER and MER
- Blood transfusion
- Pediatric rate
- Shock rate
- Anesthesia rate
- Drip rate
- Hypokalemia Rx
- Hypoglycemia Rx
- Weight conversions
- Length conversions
- Liquid conversions
- Temperature conversions
- Body surface area calculator
- C1V1 = C2V2 dilutions
- Unit conversions


About this version (1.0.5)

Bug fixes and improvements

Other versions

1.0.3 released on 25 March 2021 (621 days ago)
1.0.2 released on 13 March 2021 (633 days ago)
1.0.1 released on 29 January 2021 (676 days ago)

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