vela | for caregivers

vela | for caregivers

Guiding individuals and caregivers to better care

vela | for caregivers
vela | for caregivers vela | for caregivers vela | for caregivers vela | for caregivers vela | for caregivers

Vela is a secure communication app that connects individuals, caregivers and health professionals in real-time to streamline how care is delivered. With Vela, individuals and caregivers can easily reach one another and professionals in a way that is fast and secure to share up-to-date health information, receive support and deliver the best care possible.


• Chat with your health professionals
• Chat with trusted family and friends
• Complete questionnaires to share information about health
• Receive coaching and education
• Share pictures and files
• Alert your health professionals immediately if an incident occurs


If you are already using Vela today, your same username and password will work in this app.

If you do not have a Vela login, contact your case manager to ask how you can join the Vela community.

Whether you’re being cared for, or you’re caring for someone, Vela is the best way to connect family members, friends and health professionals, such as case managers and pharmacists, all in one place in order to collaborate on care.

Privacy terms may vary based on your program participation. You will be presented with your specific privacy policy during registration and can access your specific privacy policy within the Settings of the Vela application.

About this version (4.6.1)

We have extended our support hours to better support all our caregivers. We are pleased to announce that our support hours are now 8 AM to 11 PM EST.

Other versions

4.6.0 released on 23 March 2022 (322 days ago)
4.5.0 released on 23 February 2022 (350 days ago)
4.4.0 released on 09 February 2022 (364 days ago)
4.3.0 released on 27 October 2021 (469 days ago)
4.2.0 released on 22 September 2021 (504 days ago)
4.1.0 released on 28 July 2021 (560 days ago)
4.0.0 released on 24 February 2021 (714 days ago)
3.7.0 released on 27 January 2021 (742 days ago)
3.6.0 released on 13 January 2021 (756 days ago)
3.5.0 released on 18 November 2020 (812 days ago)
3.4.0 released on 07 October 2020 (854 days ago)
3.3.0 released on 26 August 2020 (896 days ago)
3.2.0 released on 15 July 2020 (938 days ago)
3.1.1 released on 08 June 2020 (975 days ago)

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vela | for caregivers
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